Australian wine tourism: a unique connection with consumers

vineyard & bright blue sky
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Those who have ever had the chance to sip a glass of wine in the surroundings of the vineyard where the grapes were grown will know it’s a uniquely soulful experience. Rarely do humanity and nature seem in such perfect balance.
In reality, most wine consumers don’t get to enjoy such moments, and when they do, what are the benefits? Pleasure is not an easy thing to quantify. But with so many wine producers offering cellar-door sales, and a growing number investing in visitor facilities that go far beyond simple shops and tasting rooms, it’s sensible to ask questions about what sort of returns can be achieved.
This paper draws on consumer and trade research carried out by Wine Intelligence and Intellima in Australia – a country where wine tourism is comparatively well developed. It also considers examples of visitor facilities in other sectors, and draws upon consumer trends that apply not just to wine but the entire world of commerce and communication.
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